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We at Ashtag specialise in social media coordination. We utilise your social media platform to create captivating content to assist in marketing your business; providing your audience with an aesthetically appealing feed and generating greater customer reach.

Social media management is no rocket science, but it does require methodical and strategic work that over time gives you a huge return on investment.

Our research has shown many businesses that knew how to swim in the social media waters, have shared the same sentiments. Those who did not, were stressed and felt it was too complicated and time consuming.

Those in business know that effective social media management requires a dedicated team to manage and coordinate; from creating posts to actively engaging their community on all the social platforms and so on, on a regular basis.

Your social media should be managed effectively, and consistently, you need to know what to publish, when to publish it and how to respond when someone talks to you.

Let’s get creative.

We customize the content on your social outlets to deliver your messaging and interact with fans and followers in a special way, your way!

You can focus on your business, whilst we focus on helping it grow through social media.

Let’s connect and show your business to the world.


  • Content coordinator provides high level of social media and graphic support.
  • Produces creative and captivating content for use on social media.
  • Is responsible for planning, implementation and monitoring a company’s social media strategy in order to increase brand awareness.
  • To improve marketing efforts and increase sales.
  • To reach customers effectively, efficiently and consistently.
  • Maintain your social media presence and encourage audience engagement.

@ashtag…amazing…always there for your Media needs. I dont get time to do a very important part of my business. Thank you for meeting all my needs and keeping it personal.💕

Astrid Muller

Owner, Devine La Force

To The Ashtag Team

Thank you so much for a job well done. You guys are the best. Your effciency and professional behavior to your clients are phenomenal. Well done Ash and Team Ashtag.

Nolan Govender

Owner, Umlilo Projects