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Her passion for growing and developing the salon businesses in KwaZulu-Natal, can be traced back to humble beginnings. Serving her apprenticeship and qualifying as a professional stylist in 2005, and working under/alongside some of Durban’s greatest hair heroes; is where her foundation began.

Her visionary perspective had lead her to become the youngest employed manager. For nine years, she had the responsibility to lead a team of 14 staff members. The salon owner had 24 branches and during this time Ashnee gained a wealth of knowledge. Fast forward, she was given the opportunity to work as an educator, for the much loved company known as Modern hair and Beauty. Ashnee was also one of the four individuals who were a part of the newly launched concept known as a Retail Business Consultant, back in 2013. Thereafter, this had lead to her growth in the sales department. Having a successful background and a wealth of knowledge made a premium portfolio to assist our valued customers.

Today, Ashnee is the founder and owner of Ashtag. She is the business developer, auditor, influencer of design and creation. Her managerial skills, goal orientated vision and leadership are just some of the elements that holds the team in place, at Ashtag.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education, has majored in English and Business Management and is the executive editor at Ashtag. She is responsible for the planning/creating and overseeing of layouts, as well as being an innovator and examining content for accuracy and errors. Her natural eye for detail, knack for creativity and methodical approaches are all a part of the puzzle that contributes to the big picture known as Ashtag.


He holds a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the administrative and clerical department. With an academic background in Accounting and Mathematics, and an employment history of data capturing, he is now responsible for overseeing and managing the financial and administrative aspect of Ashtag, as well as providing operational support.

The love of the Hair and Beauty industry lead Ashnee to open her very own social media management company, with the aim to continue to grow the salon business through digital marketing.

Her skill development began 3 years ago and further developed during the Covid-19 lockdown.

If you’re looking for someone to manage and control your business page/social media accounts with effectiveness, efficiency and consistency, then get in touch with us we welcome all forms of business.